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SureWest Foundation

At SureWest, we care about the people in our communities. We live and work side-by-side with these folks – our neighbors. And we give generously to help meet the needs of those less fortunate than us – those who may be victims of society, of neglect, of disease. We give to educational and cultural efforts that enrich our lives. And we help bring about change.

Through the donations, help and support we receive from our employees and others like you, we celebrate of the gift of giving.

Since the Foundation was started in 1992 the Foundation and the company have contribute over $4,000,000 to help children, families and the elderly in both the Greater Sacramento, California and the Greater Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri areas.

Our Mission: Helping Those in Need

The SureWest Foundation was created with the mission to serve the needs of its neighbors by providing funding to regional nonprofit organizations within the communities we serve.





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